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Armed with a pen and pad of paper, no idea escapes the page... good, bad or otherwise. From creative heartfelt poetry to personalized children’s books and even off the wall button creations, each project is handled with customized care. All creativity begins with inspiration, and with a wealth of wonderful things in the world to be inspired by, there is no end to the unique and exceptional products and entertainment that can be produced to suit your every need or desire

Little Red's Writing Hood:

Tairy "Little Red" Barrie has been exploring the world of creative writing  for over 30 years, creating poems that give you a warm & fuzzy feeling,  make you giggle, nod your head, laugh out loud, and in some cases  even cry. Her writings are original works, based on her own real life  experiences, and the lives of those around her. Tairy also hosts an  award-winning creative writing podcast, Little Red's Writing Hood, that  is uniquely original and touching from head to toe.

Disney Tidbits:
Disney Tidbits is one of the shortest Disney podcasts on the Internet.   Each 10-15 minute show gives in-depth information and fun facts about  a specific Disney attraction, character, artist or movie.  A "must listen"  for any Disney enthusiast.

Barrie Media Group:
BMG is a new media content creation group specializing in podcast creation & promotion.  We can assist you with creative & technical assistance, promotional items, personalized logos, voice-over work and custom print materials.   We are the experts at helping you realize your vision on the internet and beyond.

Kid's Books , personalized by "It's Your Name!":
This is a new way to see your child’s name in print. Their very own one of a kind personalized book or CD. We carry a wide selection of personalized books, including Disney favorites, superhero adventures, and beginning reader "read and learn" books. Children love seeing their name in a book, and these books will encourage a lifetime of joyful reading habits.